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Temperature is more important for sleep than we thought

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Most people know that body temperature can help indicate if you are sick, but few are aware that our body temperatures change throughout the day. In fact, the largest daily temperature change in our bodies is the drop that happens when we start falling asleep.

How does temperature affect sleep?

Many studies indicate that our bodies’ ability to sleep is strongly linked to its temperature control. We have a daily sleep-wake cycle known as the circadian rhythm and studies have shown that aside from light, the daily rise and fall in environmental temperature greatly affects our circadian rhythm. We are also more likely to fall asleep when we are cool, and we typically struggle to fall asleep quickly when we are hot.

For these reasons, the temperature environment we sleep in is crucial to the quality of our sleep.

Sleep is divided into cycles. Each cycle is repeated on an average 4-5 times a night in a healthy person and each cycle contains a cascade of sleep stages that normally occur in the same order. Falling asleep and a drop in core temperature occur together. Non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep is also accompanied by body and brain cooling.

Anything that can keep you too warm at night ‒ bedding, clothing, hot air, and even a partner ‒ can wake you up and disrupt these cycles. Most importantly, this can disrupt both slow wave sleep (SWS) and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, two critical sleep stages that promote learning, creativity, and physical and mental health.

So how can we improve our sleep with temperature?

Have you ever woken up realizing you’ve pushed off the covers while you were asleep? Several studies have shown that we tend to unconsciously do this to cool ourselves down during the sleep stages where our body prefers to be cooler. However, it has been shown that our ideal sleeping temperature actually changes throughout the night. So, when we kick off our covers, we may be pleasing our body for a short while but we are bound to seek warmth at a later sleep stage.

Despite our shifting temperature needs throughout the night, we are used to sleeping in environments kept at a constant temperature. It is time for new tech that adapts the temperature of our sleep environments to keep us asleep and give us the quality sleep we deserve.

How we do it

AuraBlue is the first ever solution to respond to your temperature needs for a great night of sleep. AuraBlue learns your optimal temperature for each sleep stage over time by monitoring the quality of your sleep and keeps you at that temperature throughout the night. Additionally, it detects the onset of hot flashes and provides immediate and effective cooling to keep you asleep during these disruptions.

AuraBlue brings back the sleep you need to be your best self.

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